In a turn of events, it turns out that everyone who participates in the games is not dead. After they were taken out of the arena, the capitol gave them a special serum that pretty much brings them back to life… After which they are forced to live in a camp with all other tributes that have lost, away from the world… Dead to all but those who know the capitol’s secerts.
But now the capitol is defeated and has been brought down. The Mockingjay and her army have brought the cruel dictators down and everyone is trying to live there lives without the capitol watching there every move. It’s different, strange almost. But people are starting to learn that life is better without the control.
Those who were in the camps were freed, taken back to there families and districts. In teary and amazing reunions, people’s lives were slowly restored. But will it be easy living along side others who killed them? Left them for dead? Or even just never cared for them at all.
Secerts from the games were revealed and now, people have to try and live in harmony… Try and put that games behind them.
Welcome to the new world.


you-just-got-caught-in-my-snare: Yo!


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Anonymous: psst hi

Hello to you too anon!

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thatmellarkboy: Here's my Peeta blog! Wasn't sure how you wanted me to send it in, so I thought I'd just do it this way. And, thank you so much for accepting me(: -Jordan/Peeta

Awesome! Everyone follow Peeta! Katniss me  is excited to start para-ing with you!

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A small promo!

I’ve recently opened a new roleplay group and I would love my favorite people to take a look! If you are looking for a new roleplay, I’m accepting apps!

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Peeta Mellark App- ACCEPTED!

Hello, again! Anonymous here(:

Sorry this took so long! I had midterms this week, which was crazy, and I just haven’t had the time to submit my app. So, here it is! ♥


OOC Info:

Name: Jordan

Age: 15

Timezone: EST

Admin note: Welcome! You’ve been accepted as Peeta Mellark! I’m so excited to have you, since I play Katniss! Please send an account in asap and welcome!

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Anonymous: Hello(: I was thinking about sending in an app for Peeta, but I didn't know how I should submit it. Should I send it to you from my regular tumblr or create one for Peeta?

Just send it in on your normal! And when you are accepted you can make a Peeta blog!

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Clove and Katniss are on hatius until the 18th.

Because I, the admin, will not be around much and haven’t been. Christmas is CRAZY for me. I’m going out of town to visit all my family, and then I’m going on vacation with my boyfriend soooo… I won’t be able to roleplay on those accounts much. I will be checking up here on the admin page though to accept any roles or answer your questions! I hope everyone is doing okay!


Admin Reylynn.

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Wanted: Peeta Mellark!

Since our’s left, we have a lonely Katniss. I will fill you in on the storyline if you wish to take on the role! We have friendly roleplayers that would love a Peeta! So please think of joining!

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jackson-the-boy-from4: Boo! Scared ya didn't I?!

That you did!

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Anonymous: Hi, I think I'm out of this RP for reasons that I just have no time and university have just got in the way and I can't dedicate the time you guys all deserve! I have had an amazing time in the short time I have been here and I will miss you all! Peeta <3

Sigh, so now we are without a Peeta again everyone. I’m sad to see you go my dear. Thanks for being with us for a while.

Unfollow our Peeta, role reopened. Someone please come and apply? I’ll fill you in on the storyline and everything!


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